Pedestrian walking on treacherous icy walkway

Applications for Calcium Ice Melt Pellets

Winter is quickly approaching. While there are many things to enjoy about this time of year, winter also ...
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Pedestrian walking on cleared walkway during winter time

Storing Salt for Winter Use

As winter approaches, it’s important to be mindful of the freezing temperatures that come with it. Icy conditions ...
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Large pile of topsoil in front of residential home

Best Topsoil Nutrients for Promoting Plant Growth

When it comes to the beauty and preservation of your landscape, topsoil is an essential component. The topsoil ...
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Stepping stone pathway on driveway outside home

How Stone Walking Paths Can Help Your Property

From enhanced curb appeal to safety, a stone walking path provides homes and commercial properties with many benefits. ...
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Handling Sand For Your Recreational Project

When you envision your landscaping project, sand might not be the first material that comes to mind. However, ...
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Overhead view of gray stone permeable pavers in diamond pattern with grass growing in between

Why You Might Need Permeable Hardscape Pavers

At Rock Products, Inc., we understand that customers are looking for more sustainable products and services that help protect our ...
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Spatula flipping burgers that are being made on outdoor charcoal grill

Designing an Outdoor Fireplace for Grilling Season

Grilling season is upon us. For many, it’s the best part of summer. What could beat grilling a ...
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Close up of bluestone landscaping gravel

Choosing the Best Bluestone Shade for Your Needs

Given its beauty and proven durability, bluestone remains to be one of the most popular landscaping stones. More ...
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Homeowner wearing gardening gloves to spread mulch by hand

Best Mulch for Summer Protection

With traditionally ideal weather conditions, summertime is perfect for outdoor parties and gatherings. To create an inviting space, ...
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Close-up of pile of stone aggregate

Applying Aggregate Stone to an Outdoor Work Area

When it comes to construction jobs and building projects, the materials used will have a significant impact on ...
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Construction machinery unloading sand

How Are Sand Amounts Determined for a Project?

When preparing to complete a construction or landscaping project, it’s important to first acquire all the necessary supplies ...
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Stone creek with fresh water flowing through

Achieving the Natural Look with Stone Dry Beds

Property owners with sloping land or land with low spots may encounter pooling when excess water flows through ...
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