Salt and Calcium Products in New Jersey

  • During the winter months we supply bulk rock salt.
  • We are also an emergency salt supplier with salt available during storms (24/7) for pickup, in our West Deptford Yard.  We store the salt in an indoor warehouse to keep it dry to reduce hopper freeze-ups.
  • We stock pallets of Calcium icemelter pellets and rock salt in 50lb bags.

Winter not only comes with unpleasant weather, but also with danger. Snow, ice, and slush make roads, sidewalks, and other pathways slippery, posing risk to both drivers and pedestrians. To stay safe during the coldest months, homeowners and professional services alike can stock up on appropriate winter products from Rock Products, Inc. We provide the highest quality bulk rock salt, calcium, and other ice-melting products to those who need them most throughout New Jersey and beyond.

Red rock salt spreader

Our Selection of Products

Based in West Deptford, New Jersey, Rock Products, Inc. sources a variety of supplies from manufacturers with a reputation for quality. Available in both bulk and bag quantities, these include:

Bulk Rock Salt

For commercial applications, Rock Products, Inc. offers rock salt in bulk quantities. Rock salt is used widely as an effective ice-melting agent in the winter. Its large, granular texture also provides extra traction for tires and shoes to better grip the pavement, making it a great choice to improve safety while driving or walking.

Bagged Rock Salt

Rock Products, Inc. also offers rock salt in convenient 50-pound bags for smaller-scale applications. They are easy to store and transport and ideal for homeowners or contractors who want to de-ice private driveways and sidewalks.

Calcium Ice Melt Pellets

For people who prefer not to use salt, we also offer calcium ice-melting products. Coming in pellet form, it works even faster than rock salt while causing less wear and tear to asphalt and vehicles. Plus, it is an excellent choice for applications that don’t involve concrete.

Emergency Salt Supply

Even the smallest amount of snow or ice can render roads hazardous and result in spinouts and collisions. A major storm, however, has the potential to be even more hazardous. Heavy snowfall and thick ice require large amounts of ice-melting products to dissolve the frozen precipitation and ensure safety for drivers, pedestrians, businesses, and homeowners.

When a basic supply of rock salt isn’t enough, Rock Products, Inc. can cover the difference. We are proud to serve New Jersey as an emergency salt supplier whenever a storm hits. At our West Deptford location, we maintain a large indoor warehouse that houses our rock salt, keeping it dry so it’s always readily available to be picked up.

Commercial snow plow with rock salt spreader
Rock salt covered sidewalk in winter

The Rock Products Difference

At Rock Products, Inc., we can guarantee integrity and reliability with orders and deliveries. Our fleet of trucks delivers salt when it is promised – without delays or excuses – so roads and walkways can be kept safe all winter long.

To prepare for the next storm with reliable bulk rock salt and other ice-melting products, rely on Rock Products, Inc. We’ve been distributing these products, as well as decking and hardscaping supplies, for over 25 years, and we’ve become a trusted supplier to contractors, highway departments, and homeowners across the state. To find out more, contact us today.



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