Overhead view of gray stone permeable pavers in diamond pattern with grass growing in between

Why You Might Need Permeable Hardscape Pavers

At Rock Products, Inc., we understand that customers are looking for more sustainable products and services that help protect our natural resources. That’s why we are proud to offer permeable hardscape pavers to contractors, homeowners, and commercial clients. Located in West Deptford, New Jersey, and serving customers throughout the state, Rock Products, Inc. has been a leading supplier of landscape and building materials since 1995. Learn more about permeable pavers for hardscaping and the benefits of this eco-friendly product.

What Are Permeable Pavers?

Permeable is simply the technical term for any type of material that allows liquids or gases to pass through it. Thus, permeable pavers are uniquely designed to help water move into the soil below them, instead of running off into surrounding areas. Often, permeable pavers are arranged with a gap between each paver. The pavers are installed over a layer of gravel or sand that filters the water, or placed directly over grass.

You’ll find permeable pavers in a wide range of colors and styles. They can be made from concrete, clay brick, or other materials. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution that’s good for the environment or want to minimize erosion and water runoff in your outdoor spaces, permeable hardscaping could be a good fit.

The Benefits Of Using Permeable Hardscape Pavers

Traditionally, hardscaping materials used around homes and businesses are non-permeable, meaning water cannot penetrate their surfaces. But now, more and more customers are looking for permeable pavers because of the number of benefits they offer. These include:

Less Runoff

If your outdoor space tends to get muddy or have standing water when it rains, permeable pavers can be a good solution. By allowing water to slowly percolate down into the soil, these pavers reduce runoff and erosion. With fewer puddles, you’re also less likely to have pesky mosquitoes congregating in your backyard.


Permeable pavers are strong and durable, able to support outdoor furniture, planters, and even vehicles without cracking. Unlike solid concrete, you don’t have to worry about the expansion and contraction that can eventually lead to hairline cracks.

Low Maintenance

Permeable hardscape pavers are simple to install and don’t require a lot of specialized equipment. While permeable pavers require an upfront investment, you can save money down the road because they don’t need to be repaired or replaced as often as other types of hardscaping. And because they help absorb water, you won’t need to use as much salt for de-icing.

Where Can You Install Permeable Pavers?

Permeable pavers are just as attractive as traditional hardscaping materials, but they help with erosion control and reduce stress on drainage systems. You may even find that you don’t have to water your lawn as often if you make the switch. You can use permeable pavers anywhere you’d use conventional hardscaping materials, such as:

  • Patios: Permeable pavers make a great alternative to concrete in an outdoor patio space.
  • Walkways and garden paths: These pavers can be used to create walkways around your home or business.
  • Driveways: Permeable pavers can stand up to the weight of a vehicle, so they can be used as a replacement for asphalt.
  • Parking areas: Placing permeable pavers in grassy areas allows you to offer additional parking space.

You can also use permeable pavers as borders or edging for your garden beds or landscaped areas.

Choose Rock Products, Inc. For Hardscape Pavers

Customers in search of permeable pavers and other hardscaping products will find an extensive selection at Rock Products, Inc. We serve landscapers, contractors, and DIY homeowners throughout NJ, and are proud to be a distributor of EP Henry products. In addition to hardscape brick pavers and hardscape concrete pavers, we carry:

Rock Products, Inc. makes it easy to get the materials you need for your next project. We offer professional freight services so you don’t need to worry about transporting pavers or other materials. Our team is also happy to provide quotes for both contractors and homeowners. To learn more about permeable pavers of the other products we carry, call us at 856-848-7934 or contact us today.

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