Bulk Mulch and Top Soil in New Jersey

Mulch and topsoil are essential to retain moisture and improve soil quality. They’re also crucial in protecting features from erosion and temperature fluctuations, as well as keeping beds looking their best. For professional and DIY projects alike, trust your bulk mulch and topsoil purchase to Rock Products, Inc. We distribute a variety of mulch and topsoil products to landscapers, contractors, and homeowners throughout New Jersey, helping our clients maintain healthy soil and beautiful grounds.

Our Selection of Bulk Mulch

A thick coat of mulch can defend plants against winter damage due to frost and freezing, as well as protect roots from burning in the hot summer sun. Mulch also forms an interlocking barrier against erosion and helps keep soil in place. Depending on the type of wood or other material, mulch may also repel pests like ticks and gnats. At Rock Products, Inc., you can find the following bulk mulch options:

Dyed Hardwood

If you’re looking for mulch you won’t need to replace often, consider dyed hardwood. These chips are long-lasting and don’t break down as quickly. Our product is dyed black or brown for a sharp, eye-catching color that makes landscaping beds stand out.

Root Mulch

Root mulch is a budget-friendly option that is not as uniform as other types. The varied shred can bring a rich texture and visual interest to landscaping, as well as a dark yet welcoming tone.

Premium Triple Bark

Spruce up landscaping with triple-shredded bark. This mulch type has an attractive, soft texture that makes for very uniform ground color. Less likely to erode, its fine fibers lock together, allowing the mulch to hold itself in place. Please note, however, that we do not carry licorice bark mulch.

Playground Mulch

To cover large areas, consider playground mulch. It’s made of engineered adhesive-free wood, making it a long-lasting and budget-friendly option. Standardized shredding also means that it is a soft ground cover ideal for play and recreation.

Trusted Topsoil Products

Topsoil is another central component to protecting one’s landscaping. When combined with mulch, topsoil can hold onto moisture and provide vital nutrients for plants. This means you can further the life of your landscaping scheme with the topsoil products we offer, such as:

Premium Topsoil

If you are working with clay or tired-out dirt, give it an edge by adding our premium topsoil. Our soil is even-textured and rich, packed with minerals and nutrients to help plants thrive.

Large pile of mulch

Unscreened Topsoil

Unscreened topsoil is an affordable option that’s great for creating mounds and landscaping features. Its slightly coarser texture makes it stable, nutrient-rich, and an ideal anchor for plants.

Fill Soil

For filling in natural holes or holes left by construction, order a truckload of fill soil. This is the coarsest option and is ideal to fill depressions, contour hills, and even out the terrain.

Formulas for coverage

1 cubic yard Mulch coverage
160 Sq. Ft. @ 2″ deep
80 Sq. Ft. @ 4″ deep

1 cubic yard of Soil coverage
150 Sq. Ft. @ 2″ deep
100 Sq. Ft. @ 3″ deep
75 Sq. Ft. @ 4″ deep
60 Sq. Ft. @ 5″ deep
50 Sq. Ft. @ 6″ deep

Order Mulch and Topsoil Today

If you’re shopping for high-quality bulk mulch and topsoil, trust Rock Products, Inc. Based in West Deptford, NJ, we have over 25 years of experience in distributing supplies to landscapers, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers in our area. To find out more about our bulk mulch and topsoil, contact us or request a quote for your next job.

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