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Applications for Calcium Ice Melt Pellets

Winter is quickly approaching. While there are many things to enjoy about this time of year, winter also brings with it treacherous icy conditions. These conditions can be especially dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. The best way to handle winter’s hazardous conditions is to prepare. Many New Jersey residents choose to stock up on wintertime essentials, such as ice-melting products. Calcium chloride ice melt pellets are a great alternative to traditional rock salt.

Rock Products, Inc. is a leading provider of premium quality landscaping products and services, including salt and calcium ice melt products. Here, our team discusses the use of calcium ice-melt pellets and why many clients prefer it over other ice-melting solutions.

What Are Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Pellets?

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is an inorganic compound. It is exothermic, which means it produces heat the moment it comes into contact with moisture. This unique property makes calcium chloride a worthy adversary for melting ice and snow. In addition to being an effective means of ice removal, calcium chloride has many other applications, including food enhancement, water hardening, medicine, and road work.

Calcium chloride ice melt pellets contain roughly 90% calcium chloride. The high concentration enables it to effectively penetrate tough ice barriers. It does this by absorbing moisture from the air and generating heat to lower the freezing point of water droplets. For this reason, it is mostly used in deicing products as an alternative to sodium-based rock salt. Calcium chloride ice melt pellets are ideal for clearing sidewalks, driveways, outdoor steps, and even parking lots.

Reasons to Use Calcium Ice Melt Pellets

When compared to other ice-melting solutions, calcium ice melt offers several desirable advantages. The reasons to consider using calcium ice melt include:

Better Performance at Lower Temperatures

One of the most significant advantages of using calcium ice melt over other techniques is its ability to perform well in extreme cold. Calcium chloride outperforms all other deicing compounds in cold weather. For example, the temperature at which rock salt melts ice effectively is 20°F. By contrast, the practical working temperature of calcium chloride goes beyond -25°F.

Effective Even in Small Doses

Another advantage of using calcium chloride as a deicer is how effective it is even in small doses. Users only need to apply a small amount to see results. This helps save time and effort.

Safer For Pets

Pedestrians aren’t the only ones using walkways in the wintertime. One of the biggest drawbacks to using sodium-based rock salt to clear driveways and other crucial access areas around the property is the negative effects it can have on animals. Pet’s paws can easily encounter lacerations and abrasions from the salt’s sharp and jagged edges. Additionally, rock salt can become lodged in a pet’s paws. The prolonged contact increases the risk of irritation and other dangerous health conditions.

Calcium chloride-based deicers eliminate this concern. That’s because the calcium chloride almost immediately dissolves when applied, enabling pets to roam without the risk of any elements becoming trapped in between their paws.

A Much More Eco-Friendly Option

Rock salt can be very damaging to your lawn and any plant life. That’s mainly because of its sodium content. If it makes its way inside the soil, salt will absorb water, causing nearby roots to dry out. Conversely, calcium chloride is a beneficial compound for your soil and actively helps to improve it. That’s because calcium is an essential macronutrient for healthy soil. 

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Pellets at Rock Products, Inc.

Homeowners and business owners throughout NJ seeking a safer and more effective alternative ice melting solution should consider calcium chloride ice melt pellets from Rock Products, Inc. Keeping with our mission of providing the highest quality of products and services to our customers, we guarantee reliability with orders and deliveries. Bulk calcium chloride ice melt can be delivered to your location thanks to our professional freight services.

To prepare for this upcoming winter and ensure you have all the wintertime essentials you need, call us at 856-848-7934 or contact us today.

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