Outdoor Fire Pits & Fireplaces in West Deptford, NJ

From our perspective, no patio or backyard is complete without a fireplace or fire pit. These features can bring warmth and ambiance, provide a place to entertain family and friends, and are a unique feature sure to impress. Based in West Deptford, New Jersey, Rock Products, Inc. distributes outdoor fire pit stone and supplies to homeowners, landscapers, and contractors throughout New Jersey.

Selection of Outdoor Fireplaces

At Rock Products, Inc., we offer a range of kits for outdoor fireplaces. These are sourced from reputable and reliable brands like EP Henry, FireRock, and Zentro, so you can be confident that yours will last a long time. Options include:

  • FireRock Conventional Outdoor Fireplace: This conventional fireplace has a straight back wall and square opening and is easy to assemble.
  • FireRock Arched Front Outdoor Fireplace: The arched front is a popular and classic look that can be veneered in man-made or cut stone.
  • Isokern Standard Series Fireplace: This model is durable, affordable, and customizable with an EP Henry cast stone veneer.
  • Necessories Grand Fireplace: At 12 feet wide, this impressive fireplace is our largest offering, perfect for big gatherings.

Fire Pit Kits

We also distribute fire pit kits from Zentro and EP Henry. The kits come with everything you need for your fire pit, including stone façade rings, capstones, stainless steel inserts, and attachable grills. You can choose from the following:

"Stone patio with stone fire pit"
  • Zentro Square Fire Pit: The unique square design fits well in square patios or corner walls and is ideal for benches or outdoor sofa seating.
  • Zentro Round Fire Pit: Featuring the same Zentro quality, this classic round design is great for gathering friends and family around.
  • Cast Stone Wall Fire Pit: EP Henry offers the simple look of a round or square stone pit that’s easy to assemble.
  • Imperial Compact Fire Ring: This compact fire ring is perfect for smaller gatherings or patios with limited space.
  • Coventry Fire Pit: EP Henry’s Coventry pit has a clean, classic look and comes with attachments and grills for cooking.
  • Grand Fire Pit: If you like entertaining large gatherings, the Grand Fire Pit is big enough to fit all of your guests around.

Smokeless Fire Pits

For those with sensitivities to smoke or a preference for smokeless fire pits, we offer the following decorative options that don’t skimp on ambiance and style:

Lit stone firepit on patio at night
  • Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits: Multiple fire pit options available, whether you want something stationary for your yard or a fire pit to travel for tailgating, we have you covered.
  • Ablaze Smokeless Fire Pit: This pit comes in heavy-duty stainless steel for people who like living in the rugged outdoors.
  • Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pits: Available in two sizes, these stainless steel fire pits are designed for portability so you can take them to the beach, campground, and more.
  • Luxeve Fire Pit: This decorative fire pit comes with a powder-coated exterior in one of six colors, as well as a bag of fire glass.
  • Phoenix Fire Pits: Decorative cut-steel designs give these pits a unique appearance. They also independently rotate so these features spin about and create a fiery light show.

An Investment to Enjoy for Years

If you or your client like to spend time outside on the porch or patio, a fireplace or fire pit might be a great addition to the outdoor living space. A flickering fire brings warmth and a cozy, welcoming ambiance to the area, which is perfect for hosting friends or just relaxing with family.

For customers who don’t want an integrated fire pit or fireplace, we also offer a selection of free-standing stainless-steel fire pits. They are easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere in your yard or patio. Based in West Deptford, New Jersey, we distribute these fireplaces and fire pit kits throughout the state and are here to help you choose the right products. To find out more about outdoor fire pit stone and supplies, contact Rock Products, Inc. today and request a quote.



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