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When creating an eye-catching outdoor space, brick is hard to ignore. It offers many benefits over other materials in withstanding the rigors of inclement weather and extreme temperatures while providing a look you will love. But not all brick manufacturers are created equal. That’s why Rock Products, Inc. has partnered with Pine Hall Brick. We have been in business since 1995 and proudly provide contractors, landscapers, and DIY homeowners throughout New Jersey with the highest quality products and services.


Why Buy Brick?

People have various options when choosing materials for a hardscape or landscape design, each with distinct qualities and benefits. Brick is one of the most enduring building materials – and for good reason. It comes in many shapes, styles, textures, and colors, making it highly versatile for a decor project. Additionally, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor landscaping jobs, including driveways, patios, retaining walls, walkways, and pool decks. Aside from flexibility, brick offers the following other features, as well:

  • Affordability: A cost-effective option, brick is perfect for those with extensive project needs but a small budget.
  • Aesthetic appeal: With its simple yet beautiful look, brick grabs attention and works with virtually any decor style.
  • Protection: Built to handle whatever Mother Nature throws its way, this dependable material is excellent for foundational use.
  • Durability: Its compact construction and sound design help keep its structural integrity for many years.
  • Simple maintenance: While some materials require frequent cleaning to look their best, brick requires little to no upkeep yet still preserves its appearance.

Unique Features of Pine Hall Brick

Choosing Rock Products, Inc. for your project means easy access to Pine Hall Brick. This family-owned company has been in business for a century, delivering high-quality brick used to construct award-winning homes. Their products come in unique shapes, textures, and colors, ranging from white to deep red. These bricks are also highly durable to withstand indoor and outdoor environments.

For added design flair, Pine Hall Brick provides paver tiles and veneers in numerous styles. These elements make the brick great for accent walls, fireplaces, floors, and backsplashes, bringing elegance in a single package. Pine Hall Brick is easy to install, simplifying the construction process for landscapers, contractors, and DIY homeowners.

Our Pine Hall Brick Offerings

Differentiating between bricks can be challenging since they may appear identical on the surface. However, the Pine Hall Brick selection at Rock Products, Inc. stands out from other alternatives. The following varieties will give your outdoor area a distinctive touch:

  • Square edge 4 x 8: These pavers are 1/2-in tiles that are wire cut from the existing paver inventory.
  • Beveled edge: These bricks offer spacer bars to create crisp lines and can contain interlocking patterns between pavers.
  • Antique: Great for bringing old-world style to your new outdoor entertainment space, these pieces are tumbled after firing to provide a reclaimed look.
  • Thin: Bricks measuring 1-3/8 in thick are a space-saving solution for mortared use or installation over concrete.
  • Classic: The classic brick style delivers a traditional look with a charm reminiscent of Southern architecture.
  • Commercial: Dependable bricks for high-traffic areas, these materials make business spaces look more prominent.

Start Your Project Today with Pine Hall Brick

Landscaping and hardscaping beginners and experts throughout NJ trust Rock Products, Inc. to have the right products and services for the job. Our vast selection of Pine Hall Brick supplies multiple varieties for completing a project.

With over 30 years of experience, Rock Products, Inc. is more than willing to answer any questions about our products and services. We also guide individuals on landscaping projects and design ideas and even offer a gallery to show you what choices would best suit your needs and space. Thanks to Zeisloft hauling services, we can ensure your materials reach their destination safely and swiftly.

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