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Whether you’ve lived there for years or just moved in, updating the landscaping at your home can help you improve its curb appeal and personalize it to your style. If you’re handy and want to complete landscaping projects yourself, Rock Products, Inc. sells and delivers landscaping supplies to both DIYers and professionals around New Jersey, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, and the Tri-State Area. Learn more about the home landscape supply products and services we can offer you.

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Bulk Mulch and Topsoil

One (somewhat) simple way to update your home’s landscaping is to add fresh mulch or topsoil to your garden or flower beds. This can help control weeds and insulate plants, while also providing an improved appearance. At Rock Products, Inc., we deliver bulk mulch and topsoil from trusted manufacturers to both DIY homeowners and professional landscapers. We sell mulch and topsoil by the cubic yard and have a range of options to meet your needs, including:

Dyed Hardwood Mulch

Dyed hardwood mulch is both long-lasting and eye-catching, meaning that you don’t need to replace it too often and it will add visual interest to your yard. Rock Products, Inc. uses black or brown dyed mulch to create a sharp, contrasting look.

Root Mulch

Root mulch is a unique type made of various shreds of wood, offering a rich texture and cool look. It’s also more budget-friendly than some other types of mulch.

Premium Triple Bark Mulch

Triple-shredded bark mulch is very soft and uniform in color, offering a sleek look. The texture makes it less likely to erode, so it stays in place. Please note Rock Products, Inc. does not carry licorice bark mulch.

Premium Topsoil

Our premium topsoil is a great way to add minerals and nutrients to your garden and help your plants thrive. The rich, even texture can be added to clay or tired-out dirt to give it some life.

Unscreened Topsoil

If your landscaping plans involve mounds, unscreened topsoil is a less expensive option with a slightly coarser texture that makes it stable enough for unique designs. It’s also nutrient-rich, making it ideal for fostering plants.

We also offer more types of mulch and topsoil and can work with you to decide on the best type for your landscaping project. Rock Products, Inc. provides mulch delivery with our freight service throughout NJ, PA, DE, and the Tri-State Area, making your life easier.

Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Once you’ve finished your garden landscaping, don’t forget about adding those finishing touches to make your space your own. One way to do this is by adding an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to your backyard. At Rock Products, Inc., we offer a variety of choices, including:

Fire Pit Kits

Rock Products, Inc. offers fire pit kits that include everything you need to build your fire pit, including stone façade rings, capstones, stainless steel inserts, and attachable grills. We source fire pit kits from reputable brands like EP Henry, FireRock, and Zentro, so you can trust the quality of the product.

Smokeless Fire Pits

We also offer smokeless fire pit alternatives for those sensitive to smoke, but with all the same style and durability as traditional fire pits.

Rock Products, Inc. also offers free-standing stainless-steel fire pits if you’re looking for a fire pit that isn’t integrated. If you and your family want to enjoy your backyard for years to come, installing a fire pit on your porch or patio is a great way to encourage bonding and relaxing as a family.

Salt and Calcium

If you live in places like NJ or PA that can see harsh winter weather, it’s important to have salt on hand to melt ice and improve safety when driving or walking around your property. At Rock Products, Inc. we provide a selection of rock salt, calcium, and other ice-melting products in both bulk and bag quantities. We’re also an emergency salt supplier with salt available 24/7 for pickup during storms at our West Deptford Yard.

Brands We Carry for Homeowner Projects

You invest a lot in your home, so you want only the best materials and supplies for DIY projects. That’s why so many homeowners trust Rock Products, Inc. We work with top brands to help homeowners do the job right. Find products from brands like:

  • Breeo
  • Brickstop
  • CAST
  • EP Henry
  • Probst Handling Equipment
  • Pine Hall Brick
  • Sakrete
  • SEK Surebond
  • Belgard
  • Techniseal
  • Tru-Scapes Outdoor Lighting

Materials and Supplies for Many DIY Homeowner Projects

Looking to turn an ordinary backyard into a one-of-a-kind hardscape and landscape? Want to create an outdoor fire pit for celebrating with family and friends? Maybe you need the right mulch or soil for a garden, flower bed, or playground. Homeowners can accomplish all this and more with the materials and supplies from Rock Products, Inc.

You have the skills for DIY landscaping and hardscape, but if you’re lacking inspiration, it helps to have some tips. Consider these ideas to get started:

  • Establish clear borders for different elements to promote organization and visual appeal
    • Segmenting landscapes/hardscapes into smaller portions can also make a project easier to manage
  • Research the best plants to incorporate and foster the aesthetics you want
  • Figure out possible pathways to maximize enjoyment of your landscape

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