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When you’re in need of sand, gravel, and other construction and landscaping supplies, turn to Rock Products, Inc. in West Deptford, New Jersey. We offer sand and gravel in a variety of types, sizes, and colors to accommodate your most important projects and serve customers throughout NJ and the tri-state area extending into Pennsylvania and Delaware. With products drawn from local quarries and other trusted sources, more than 25 years of experience, and premier customer service, you can count on our team to help you get the job done right.

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Sand for Landscaping and Construction

Sand is commonly used in construction and for many other purposes. A naturally occurring material, it is formed from quartz in riverbeds, floodplains, and glacial deposits and abundant throughout the United States. Properties such as easy compaction and the ability to let water pass through its grains make sand ideal for forming a solid base for wide-ranging projects or creating drainage. It is also often used as a mixing agent to create common construction materials, including concrete, and as a decorative element in landscaping. This affordable material won’t break down over time and adds an attractive look when used for aesthetic purposes.

Common applications for the sand offered by Rock Products, Inc. include:

  • Concrete, asphalt, and mortar mixing
  • Road construction
  • Playgrounds
  • Volleyball courts
  • Other recreational facilities
  • Beaches
  • Golf course bunkers, or sand traps
  • Gardens, flowerbeds, and other landscaping uses

Gravel for Commercial and Residential Use

Gravel may be naturally occurring or created by crushing limestone, basalt, or sandstone. It is typically smoother than crushed rock but also conforms easily to form an ideal base for roadways, walking paths, and building projects. Like sand, gravel allows drainage in areas where water collection is a concern. Customers can choose gravel from Rock Products, Inc. in a variety of sizes, including larger options for commercial applications and the smaller sizes favored by landscapers and for residential DIY projects.

Gravel is often used for all of the following:

  • Construction fill
  • Garden and landscaping use
  • Driveways
  • Trails and walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Water filtration
  • Road construction
  • Patio and other residential structure foundations
  • Edging

Formulas for coverage

1 ton of River Rock covers
3/8″ –> 110 Sq. Ft.
3/4″ –> 100 Sq. Ft.
1 1/2″ –> 80 Sq. Ft.
1″-3″ –> 60 Sq. Ft.
3″-5″ –> 50 Sq. Ft.
5″-8″ –> 40 Sq. Ft.

New Jersey’s Trusted Source for Sand and Gravel

Since 1995, NJ contractors, landscapers, and homeowners have turned to Rock Products, Inc. to provide the highest quality construction sand, gravel, stone, and more available in the tri-state area of NJ, PA, and DE. Our West Deptford, NJ yard is easily accessible via Exit 22 on Rte 295, making it simple to explore our selection and consult with our experienced team. We also offer delivery with the reliable Zeisloft Trucking LLC fleet so you can receive the products you need without hassle.

Need help determining how much gravel and sand you’ll require for a project? Our team will help you calculate the volume required and answer any questions about our products to help ensure your satisfaction and that of your customers. For support with installation, we offer referrals for several qualified, certified contractors who can assist with any project.

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