Industrial Stone Aggregates for New Jersey Contractors, Landscapers, and Homeowners

The quality of stone used in your construction or landscaping project determines the overall quality of its outcome. When contractors, landscapers, and residential customers across New Jersey require top-quality industrial stone aggregates and other stone products and services, they turn to Rock Products, Inc. in West Deptford, NJ. We offer a variety of aggregate products, including stone and sand, to ensure the success of your next project.

Various stone aggregate piles

Our Stone Aggregates

Not to be confused with naturally occurring gravel, stone aggregate is created when larger stones are crushed into smaller pieces. These pieces can be anywhere in size from pebbles to coarse sand and are used in a wide array of construction, hardscaping, landscaping, road-building, and other applications. Our industrial stone aggregates are available in the following varieties:

Modified Stone

Modified stone is offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers. This type of aggregate promotes stability for foundation and drainage applications with rough edges that adhere to each other and the area where the stone is laid.

Moving stone aggregate piles with heavy machinery

3/4” Clean Stone

Offered in the most popular size and blue, gray, and tan color options, our clean stone has been screened to remove a majority of the dust left by crushing and processing. It’s ideal for a wide range of applications, from driveways to attractive landscaping design.

Coarse Concrete Sand

This filtered sand is ideal for mixing concrete, cement, or mortar. It is also commonly used to form a solid base when installing paving stones.

Bar Sand

With a softer profile than concrete sand and appealing color, bar sand is often used in masonry applications to create an attractive mortar. This sand may also be used for pool installation, road-paving applications, and recreational areas, such as volleyball pits, playgrounds, and race tracks.

Rock Products, Inc. also provides aggregate mixes for the West Deptford warning track and baseball field’s infield during baseball season.

Industrial Stone Aggregate Applications

Because of its ability to compact into a stable base and allow the drainage of water, industrial stone aggregate is essential for countless commercial and residential projects. Just a few of its uses include:

Stone aggregates around a tree
  • Foundations
  • Driveways
  • Shed floors
  • French drains
  • Retaining wall drains
  • Roadside drains
  • Building site surface leveling
  • Bricklaying
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Paving stone installation
  • Sidewalks and walking paths
  • Raised garden beds
  • Landscaping and hardscaping
  • And more…

All stone products are sold by the ton, and our team can help determine how much aggregate is required for your project to ensure the best possible outcome.

Formulas for coverage

1 ton of Sand coverage
200 Sq. Ft. @ 1″ deep

1 ton of 3/4″ industrial Stone coverage
200 Sq. Ft. @ 1″ deep
100 Sq. Ft. @ 2″ deep
75 Sq. Ft. @ 3″ deep
50 Sq. Ft. @ 4″ deep

1 ton of 3/8″ industrial stone coverage
110 Sq. Ft. @ 2″ deep

Trusted by Contractors, Landscapers, and Homeowners Since 1995

As a leading supplier of premier stone materials, Rock Products, Inc. has built a trusted reputation with contractors, landscapers, and residential DIY enthusiasts throughout more than 25 years of operation. Our industrial stone aggregates, like all the stone products we offer, are drawn from the best quarries throughout Pennsylvania to provide the high level of quality our customers demand.

We make it easy to access the stone you require for jobs large and small with our yard located just off Exit 22 on Rte 295. Delivery is also available for NJ, Pennsylvania, and Delaware customers via Zeisloft Trucking LLC, ensuring easy and timely receipt of your order.

Learn More about Industrial Stone Aggregates

From building projects to drainage applications, our industrial stone aggregate products offer the quality and versatility contractors, landscapers, and homeowners need to get the job done. To learn more about stone for your next project or request a quote, contact Rock Products, Inc. in West Deptford, NJ today.



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