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Storing Salt for Winter Use

As winter approaches, it’s important to be mindful of the freezing temperatures that come with it. Icy conditions make roads, sidewalks, and other pathways extremely treacherous for both drivers and pedestrians. To help minimize the danger of freezing temperatures, homeowners and business owners can stock up on winter road salt.

Safely storing winter salt poses challenges in itself. Here, Rock Products, Inc., a leading provider of premium quality landscaping products and services, including the best rock salt for winter, offers advice on how to safely store your salt for winter use.

Consider Temperature and Humidity Levels

When storing salt, it’s important to be mindful of the environment in which you are storing it. That’s because salt can absorb moisture from the air if humidity levels reach a certain point. Instead of storing your stockpile of salt in a humid location, it should be stored in a cool, dry place that only experiences slight changes in temperature throughout the year.

When moisture damages salt, it causes it to clump. It can also create a hard crust on the outer surface of the pile. To prevent this from happening, we recommend keeping your winter salt in an airtight container. Furthermore, salt should never be exposed to rain or snow while in storage. It’s best to keep it away from any areas where it could be exposed to water. Waterproof pads are an excellent solution for keeping your stockpile of salt dry when in storage.

Select the Proper Storage Container

Just as important as where salt is stored is how it’s stored. Specialized salt storage containers offer the perfect solution for effectively storing road salt throughout the winter. In addition to being airtight, specialized salt storage containers are water-resistant, double-walled, lockable, and impact-resistant. They are also forklift accessible, making them easy to transport and relocate if needed.

Even though these storage containers are water resistant, it’s still best to keep them away from the elements. To be safe, keep storage containers inside a building or under a protective cover to minimize any threat of contamination.

Ensure You Have Enough Winter Salt On Hand

Winter in the Garden State can be unpredictable at times. Statewide, residents experience a high number of days below freezing. The northern highlands average 163 days below freezing, 217 days along the seacoast, and 179 days in the central and southern interior. The high volume of days below freezing magnifies the need for winter road salt on hand.

How much salt should your household or business operation store? It all depends on the amount of salt you typically use. It’s always wise to store more than you think you will need. Doing so will prevent the risk of running out and having to replenish your stockpile when salt is in high demand.

Consider stocking up on winter road salt during the off-season. This will help save you time and money when weather conditions begin to change. This will also ensure that you always have the supply needed to keep your property safe should winter ever decide to come early.

Salt and Calcium Products at Rock Products, Inc.

Given the harsh winters that New Jersey is accustomed to, winter road salt is essential to help keep your pavement areas safe. To better serve our customers, we supply several types of salt products, such as:

  • Bulk rock salt: Intended for commercial applications, we offer salt to be purchased in bulk qualities. Our bulk rock salt is made with a large, granular texture that provides extra traction for tires and shoes.
  • Bagged rock salt: Smaller-scale applications such as households and small businesses can purchase rock salt in convenient 50-pound bags. Bagged rock salt is ideal for de-icing private driveways and sidewalks.
  • Calcium ice melt pellets: Coming in pellet form, calcium ice melt is ideal for clients who prefer not to use salt. It works even faster than rock salt while causing less wear and tear to asphalt and vehicles.

Rock Products, Inc. is pleased to provide salt and calcium products to landscapers, contractors, and homeowners throughout New Jersey. Bulk rock salt can be delivered to your location thanks to our professional freight services. To hear more tips about safely storing your salt for winter, or to place an order, call us at 856-848-7934 or contact us today.

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