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If you’re a contractor looking for high-quality materials and supplies for your projects, trust Rock Products, Inc. Located in West Deptford, New Jersey, Rock Products, Inc. offers a wide selection of hardscape and landscape materials to contractors, landscapers, and homeowners throughout NJ, Philadelphia, and the Tri-State Area. Learn more about contractor supply and the materials and products we can offer you.

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Masonry Supplies and Tools

For your projects to last as long as possible, you want to use high-quality products and materials from top brands. At Rock Products, Inc., we offer a broad selection of masonry supplies to contractors, landscapers, and homeowners, including:

Masonry Tools

Rock Products, Inc. has all the necessary tools to complete masonry projects, including margin and notched shovels, trowels, chisels, hammers, rubber mallets, wire brushes, tape measures, levels, and more.

Masonry Materials

Masonry projects use durable materials like brick, stone, concrete, and mortar. At Rock Products, Inc., we carry masonry materials from trusted manufacturers, including natural stone, brick, cinderblocks, and masonry adhesives like cement, mortar, and ready-mix concrete.

Other Masonry Accessories

Rock Products, Inc. aims to make your masonry projects easier, so we offer other masonry accessories like wheelbarrows and landscaping fabrics.

By using our supplies and materials from trusted brands, you can feel confident that your materials will last, and your clients will be satisfied with the outcomes of their projects.

Hardscaping Supplies and Tools

Hardscaping includes the decorative, non-living elements in landscaping, like brick patios, stone walls, concrete driveways, wooden decks, and more. If you’re a contractor with certifications in hardscaping, your clients may request many kinds of hardscape elements. You’ll need a reliable supplier of building materials and supplies from trusted manufacturers to complete these projects. Rock Products, Inc. offers top-of-the-line supplies for hardscaping projects, like:

To see the full selection of products we can offer you for your contracting projects, stop by our store at 1675 Crown Point Rd, West Deptford, NJ, 08086. We are conveniently located just off Route 295 (Exit 22).

Brands We Carry for Contractor Projects

Contractors want to impress customers to ensure they keep coming back or refer them to others. Using the right supplies and materials helps them exceed expectations. Rock Products, Inc. works with only the top brands to meet a wide range of needs, including:

  • Breeo
  • Brickstop
  • CAST
  • EP Henry
  • Probst Handling Equipment
  • Pine Hall Brick
  • Sakrete
  • SEK Surebond
  • Belgard
  • Techniseal
  • Tru-Scapes Outdoor Lighting

Materials and Supplies for Many Contractor Projects

Contractors across NJ, the Tri-State area, and parts of PA and DE trust Rock Products, Inc. because our materials and supplies are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Contractors partner with us for a variety of projects, including:

  • Creating walls and pathways
  • Constructing stairs, chimneys, and columns
  • Designing outdoor hardscapes
  • Building outdoor fireplaces and fire pits

Why Choose Rock Products, Inc. for Your Contractor Supply?

Since our establishment in 1995, Rock Products, Inc. has been true to our mission of being a prominent and reliable supplier of premier landscape and building materials, accompanied by unmatched integrity and customer service. We’ve developed a strong reputation for providing dependable building materials in NJ and surrounding areas, and we’re proud to offer many benefits to our customers, including:

  • Having more than 25 years of industry experience
  • Providing reliable freight service to deliver your supplies throughout NJ, PA, DE, and the Tri-State Area
  • Sourcing materials from top brands like Alliance, EP Henry, Marshalltown, Sakrete, and more
  • Being an emergency salt supplier with salt available for pickup 24/7 during storms
  • Selling stone by the ton and mulch and soil by the cubic yard to accommodate both personal and professional projects
  • Offering on-site installation seminars with a resident expert
  • Providing referrals for qualified, certified contractors who can accommodate your needs

Rock Products, Inc. is happy to serve all types of customers, whether you’re a contractor shopping for clients or a homeowner shopping for yourself. For more information about how Rock Products, Inc. can benefit you, read through our Frequently Asked Questions.

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