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Located in West Deptford, New Jersey.  Rock Products, Inc. has proudly served landscapers, contractors, and DIY homeowners in NJ/Philadelphia and the tri-state area since 1995.  Offering a range of landscape & hardscape materials, stone, mulch, soil, aggregates & Trucking.  The products offered are from leading manufacturers and local sources, we’ve become a dependable supplier that clients can trust for their most ambitious projects.

*EP Henry Hardscape Paver and Wall Distributor* - *Stonehenge Building Products Distributor*

Our Products and Services

At Rock Products, Inc., we know that a landscape project is only as good as the materials it’s built with. That’s why we’ve hand-selected our product offerings based on their dependability and unparalleled beauty. If you need any of the following landscape materials, our flagship store is your one-stop-shop for quality:

Bulk Landscape Stone

We offer a wide selection of bulk landscape stone to suit an equally broad range of endeavors. We also stock a variety of sizes to meet our clients’ project-specific needs.

Bulk Mulch

No matter what size projects our clients want to tackle, we carry a superior mulch and soil selection to help see them through. 

PA Bluestone and Flagstone

Whether our clients are looking to beautify the inside or outside of their homes, our selection of PA-quarried bluestone and flagstone will add an unbeatable decorative touch.

Masonry Supplies

Whether you’re a seasoned mason or a budding beginner, our line of masonry equipment will suit your needs. Sourced from some of the country’s most prestigious manufacturers, we offer masonry tools, wheelbarrows, fabrics, and more.

EP Henry Hardscape Pavers and Walls

Our line of pavers and walls consists exclusively of EP Henry materials. These quality supplies are great for building patios, carving out walkways, and more.

Industrial Stone Aggregates

Our selection of industrial stone aggregates is quarried from some of the finest open-pit mines in the United States. Whether our clients require coarse concrete sand, bar sand, or another type of aggregate, our selection has them covered.

Baseball Infield Mix

During baseball season, we supply our local communities with infield. They offer endurance that lasts through games and ensures quick post-rain recovery time.

Installation Tools and Accessories

To get any landscape job done right, it’s essential to use the right equipment. Our line of tools and accessories will help clients install decks, lay down foundations, place tiles, and much more.

Natural Stacking Stone and Boulders

Whether our clients want to complete a garden wall project or apply accents to their yards, our selection of natural stacking stones and boulders will add lasting visual intrigue.

 Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

We offer both outdoor fire pits and indoor fireplaces for those looking to add some extra warmth and style to their homes. We also have a team of contractors who are available to build outdoor installations to homeowners’ exact specifications.

Salt and Calcium

To help our clients combat the icy winters of the Northeast, we offer rock salt and calcium in bulk supply. In cases of snow emergencies, Rock Products, Inc. remains available 24/7 for bulk salt pickup.

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About Our Company

For years, the mission of Rock Products, Inc. has remained the same: to become a leading supplier of premier landscape materials. By offering the best supplies that the landscape industry has to offer, we realize this goal each day thanks to the patronage of innovative landscapers, contractors, and DIY homeowners throughout Philadelphia, PA, and the tri-state area. To learn more about any of our products or to request a quote, call a friendly member of our team at 856-848-7934 today.

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