Natural Stacking Stone & Boulders

If you’re planning a new landscaping feature for yourself or a client, consider a stacked stone wall or embankment. Dry-stacked walls are durable and long-lasting features that bring both beauty and practicality to landscaping. Our team at Rock Products, Inc. is standing by to help you get your project started, as we distribute and deliver stacked stone wall supplies to homeowners, landscapers, and contractors from our location in West Deptford, New Jersey.

Boulders on landscaped yard with pool

Stacked Stone And Boulder Products

At Rock Products, Inc., we distribute a variety of stacked stone products and supplies. Our selection includes both flat and dressed stacking stone, as well as round field stone and even large boulders. Our stone comes from reputable local sources and is perfect for constructing retaining walls, embankments, decorative garden walls, and other stacked stone features.

Our flat stones come in a variety of stone types, allowing you to choose the color, texture, and style that best fits your home. We offer the following options:


Flat Stacking Stone

Fresh from the quarry or field, no two flat stacking stones are the same. They come in varying natural shapes, ideal for interlocking to create stable features with unique designs.

Dressed Stone

For a more uniform look to any wall, dressed stone comes pre-cut in standard shapes and sizes. This makes it easy to work with and gives the finished product an even appearance.

Round Field Stone

The rounded shape of field stone creates a truly unique look unlike any other kind of stacked wall. The smooth, rounded shape is appealing and mimics the appearance of river stone.


As an alternative to stacked stone walls, we also offer large boulders. These are ideal for embankments and boundaries or can be used to mimic natural elements in decorative features.

Crushed Stone

We also distribute crushed stone for stabilizing your stacked stone, filling in the gaps, and creating an even building surface.

The Benefits Of Stacked Stone

Dry stacking is an ancient and traditional method of building stone features without mortar, cement, or concrete. By carefully selecting and interlocking stones, it is possible to build a wall that supports itself. Stacked stone requires very few tools and, when done correctly, creates a feature that is durable and long-lasting.

Our stacked stone is naturally sourced, coming in a spectrum of colors for a unique look that complements both modern and rustic landscaping. Very easy to maintain and repair, stacked stone doesn’t interfere with water drainage and can even prevent erosion by holding soil and mulch in place. This makes stacked stone walls both a beautiful and practical addition to any garden, landscape, or patio.

Choose Rock Products, Inc. For Stacked Stone

Stacked stone walls bring both natural beauty and practicality to your landscaping, whether around a patio, by a pool, separating garden beds, or lining your sidewalk or walkway. If you’re a DIYer, contractor, or landscaper planning a stone wall or boulder feature, contact Rock Products, Inc. We’re a trusted landscaping distributor with a fleet of trucks to deliver high-quality stone products throughout New Jersey. To learn more, request a quote today.



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