When installing a porch, deck, or patio for yourself or your client, you need the right tools and hardscape supplies for the job. That’s where Rock Products, Inc. can help. We distribute patio and deck installation tools suitable for a variety of projects, including hand tools, measurement tools, and wheelbarrows, to our customers throughout New Jersey. To give homeowners and contractors alike peace of mind, all of our products are sourced from manufacturers with a reputation for quality.

Hardscape Supplies and Accessories

High-quality tools help ensure complex jobs are completed with satisfaction. With Rock Products, Inc., you can achieve the best results for your home or your client’s property with our wide range of handy hardscape supplies, such as:

Measurement Tools

Every project starts with careful planning and measurements. Guarantee straight lines and even surfaces with tape measures, string lines, and levels from Rock Products, Inc.

Rakes and Landscaping Rakes

For moving, spreading, and smoothing heavy gravel and sand, we provide multiple sizes of rakes and landscaping rakes.

Mallets and Hammers

Whether you’re inserting nails or a chisel, no hardscape can be finished without a reliable hammer. We also provide rubber mallets to ensure blocks are in place and don’t become chipped in the process.


Wheelbarrows from Rock Products, Inc. are stable and reliable tools you can trust to do all your heavy lifting. Transport rocks, sand, gravel, boards, and other supplies, and carry away debris from the job site.


No hardscape or deck installation can be completed without a lot of digging. Our pointed and flathead shovels are well-built and durable enough to dig through any job you put them to.


Heavy compacting machinery can’t reach all the tight spaces. To make sure every edge and corner of your bed is firmly compact, use a hand tamper from Rock Products, Inc.

Reliable Tools for Long-Lasting Features

Porches, decks, patios, and other hardscapes are central features of any home’s exterior. They’re a place to gather with friends and family, host parties and barbeques, or simply relax and enjoy the weather. But any good time can be interrupted with worries about whether the feature is stable or secure. With proper and skillful installation using hardscape supplies from Rock Products, Inc., features like these will last, offering memories for years to come.

Purchase Installation Tools and Accessories

If you are installing a hardscape for yourself or a client, installation tools and accessories you can trust are a must. Serving homeowners, landscapers, and contractors, Rock Products, Inc. has over 25 years of experience sourcing and distributing high-quality tools and supplies throughout New Jersey. You can trust our knowledgeable team to set you up with the products you need to succeed in your next project. To learn more, visit us today in West Deptford, New Jersey, or contact us today.

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