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Rock Products, Inc. is your dependable hardscape and landscape source in New Jersey. For nearly two decades, we’ve offered unparalleled products and services to innovative landscapers, contractors, and do-it-yourself homeowners.

At Rock Products, Inc., we only offer products from brands that we can trust. That’s why we supply SRW Products fabrics and adhesive tools to bring your vision to life. Plus, these products are durable, long-lasting, and a breeze to use. SRW Products offers a wide variety of both landscape and hardscape fabrics, as well as indoor and outdoor adhesives to easily execute your projects with beautiful results. Count on the professionals at Rock Products, Inc. to help you navigate your options.

SRW Products Landscape Fabrics

SRW Products offers six different fabrics to custom fit your landscape and hardscape needs. These include the following:

Weed Control Fabric

It’s in the name. This fabric is a favorite for controlling weeds in landscaped areas and topsoil. Air, water, and nutrients can pass through this fabric to promote plant health, and it significantly minimizes weed growth (and labor).

General Landscape Fabric

SRW Products General Landscape Fabric also reduces weeds, and industry professionals favor this fabric because of its durability and versatility. It can be used under garden beds, behind retaining walls, and in other high water-flow areas.

Premium Landscape Fabric

Premium Landscape Fabric from SRW Products comes in two types – Pro Plus and Ground Cover. Each option is excellent for weed control. They’re also tear-resistant and compatible with the included planting stripes for quick and easy installation. Ground Cover is ultraviolet (UV) resistant and a premier choice for NJ nurseries.

Woven Fabric

SRW Products Woven Fabric also comes in two options, and each one is superior for use under hardscape and paving projects. The Permeable 350 version is even made as an underlay for permeable paver systems.

Non-Woven Fabric

The non-woven drainage and filtration fabrics from SRW Products won’t rot or mildew for lasting performance. What’s more, they’re specially made to permit high amounts of water flow. They also provide excellent stability and erosion control underneath and can act as an underlay for hardscape projects.

Construction Fabric

For over 30 years, SRW Products has been offering a wide variety of construction rolls in both woven and non-woven fabrics. Depending on your need, these rolls can be used as supports in road, railway, and retaining wall projects. Non-woven construction fabric can even be used to stabilize shoreline erosion.

SRW Products Adhesives

SRW Products offers three heavy-duty and durable adhesives, which are easy to use in a wide range of landscape and hardscape projects. They include the following:

Rapid-Set Polyurethane Adhesive

This adhesive is highly versatile and can be used for interior and exterior projects. Our customers use it for everything from sealing pool copings to securing fire pits.

Superior Strength Solvent-Based Adhesive

For all your landscape and masonry projects, Superior Strength Solvent-Based Adhesive stands up against hot and cold temperatures. It performs well on wet or frozen surfaces and won’t freeze. Its permanent bond works on concrete, metal, stone, and more.

Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive

As the name says, this SRW Products adhesive instantly locks materials in place, allowing up to 10 minutes for repositioning. It offers a V-notch nozzle for easy application on most indoor and outdoor materials like veneer, wood, glass, and ceramic.

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The team at Rock Products, Inc. has been providing friendly and high-quality landscaping and hardscaping services and products across NJ since 1995. We love what we do, and we handpick all the brands and products we offer based on their integrity and reliability. That’s why we only use SRW Products fabrics and adhesives. We want your home and commercial projects to be beautiful and worth the investment, and SRW Products offers the adhesives and fabrics we trust to help you accomplish this goal.

Whether you’re a contractor fulfilling a client’s needs or a DIY homeowner looking to tackle a project on your own, we can help you decide on the best SRW Products adhesive and fabric that will help you most. Contact Rock Products, Inc. today with questions about our products and services.

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