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If you’re planning to create a beautiful backyard space or update your current pathways, you need first-rate materials to produce the desired results. With Lehigh Hanson Aggregates, you get the quality you expect. Whether you wish to install a bold and luxurious-looking patio or make guests envious with a one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment area, Hanson Aggregates make for solid and stylish foundations.

At Rock Products, Inc., our mission is to help contractors and homeowners in New Jersey get the products and services they need to turn their hardscape and landscape design into household features they will love. We supply Lehigh Hanson cement and aggregate products to make that happen.

What Is Aggregate?

Aggregate is a construction staple in residential and commercial structures worldwide, from bedrock in roads and airports to basement foundations and shingles in your home. With such versatile uses, aggregate also makes up the majority of concrete.

Aggregates are classified based on the particle and size, with the basic types being sand, gravel, and crushed stone. A third type, recycled concrete aggregate, is a more recent addition that uses reclaimed concrete from demolished structures. These particles come in fine and coarse varieties. Fine aggregates are small enough to pass through a 3/8-in sieve, while coarse aggregates, including gravels, are larger pieces.

The materials are harvested and then processed, crushed, screened, and washed to ensure the proper cleanliness and gradation. Since aggregate is a flexible material, landscapers, contractors, and other construction workers use it in many different jobs, including the following:

  • Bricklaying
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Erosion control
  • Landscaping and hardscaping
  • Foundations
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks and pathways
  • Raised garden beds

Unique Features of Hanson Aggregates

At Rock Products, Inc., we always strive to give customers the best products for the best prices. This approach is why we have partnered with Lehigh Hanson. They are a leading cement manufacturer with 19 plants and over 70 distribution terminals across the United States and Canada. They also run more than 200 aggregate production sites and distribution terminals.

These impressive figures come with some of the highest-quality masonry products and materials. Lehigh Hanson even features sustainable cement manufacturing practices, resulting in their products’ compliance with CSA, ASTM, AASHTO, and API standards.

Our Industrial Stone Aggregates

Despite their overall versatility, not all aggregates are best suited for the same uses. At Rock Products, Inc., we carry several alternatives to meet various landscape and hardscape needs. Our selection contains the following industrial stone aggregates:

  • Modified stone: This style comes in different sizes but is strong and stable, making it a good choice for drainage and foundational needs.
  • 3/4-in clean stone: With blue, gray, and tan color choices, this clean stone has multiple uses and comes with screening for removing dust.
  • Coarse concrete sand: This filtered sand aggregate is best for mortar, concrete, or cement applications. 
  • Bar sand: Bar sand is similar to concrete sand, except it has a softer profile. It creates a decorative mortar, making it a solid choice for recreational uses, including pool installation and playgrounds.

We sell aggregate by the ton to ensure you get a great deal. Additionally, our knowledgeable team will look at your design and space to help you find the quantity you need to minimize waste.

We Have Aggregate for Your Hardscaping and Landscaping Needs

If you require the versatility of this material for your outdoor design project, reach out to the team at Rock Products, Inc. for assistance in choosing the correct Hanson aggregate. Based in West Deptford, we have been serving NJ communities for nearly 30 years and are happy to help landscapers, contractors, DIY homeowners, and other customers completing construction work get the products they need.

Outside our vast array of products and services, we also use our expertise to answer hardscape and landscape design questions. Additionally, we provide reliable and timely transport for your materials with our Zeisloft hauling services.

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