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Applying Aggregate Stone to an Outdoor Work Area

When it comes to construction jobs and building projects, the materials used will have a significant impact on not just the look of the finished product but its durability as well. An essential building material needed for a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping jobs and projects is aggregate stone. With the ability to be tightly compacted, stone aggregate creates a stable and protected outdoor work area. Here, Rock Products, Inc., a leading supplier of premier stone materials since 1995, details what industrial stone aggregates are and what types of applications they have.

What Are Stone Aggregates?

The landscaping term aggregate is used to describe a particular material made up of crushed stone, sand, or gravel. Not to be confused with naturally occurring gravel, stone aggregate is created when larger stones are crushed into smaller pieces. Stone aggregate typically comes in a variety of sizes depending on its intended use. Aggregate stone can be found anywhere in size from pebbles to coarse sand.

What Is Aggregate Stone Used For?

Landscapers, general contractors, and DIY homeowners tend to love crushed stone because of its dependability and versatility. Stone aggregate can be used to create beautiful finished products for a variety of applications. Common ways in which aggregate stone is utilized include:


For many landscaping jobs, stone aggregate is the preferred material for pathways and sidewalks. It can be easily placed, allowing walkways to be configured however the property owner chooses. Furthermore, homeowners can choose the color and style that best suits their tastes. In areas where people may be walking barefoot, a rounded-style stone aggregate can be a suitable option.

Garden Beds

Instead of traditional mulch, many homeowners and property owners are using stone aggregate in flower beds, raised bed gardens, and similar landscaping projects. That is because they offer excellent drainage while also locking moisture in to keep plants healthy. Another reason why aggregate stone is a great alternative to mulch is stone aggregates don’t need to be replaced regularly, making it much easier to maintain.


Stone aggregate is also a great cost-effective alternative to asphalt driveways. Rounded stone aggregate is safe for vehicles to drive over and come in a wide range of colors that allow homeowners to create their ideal curb appeal.

Stone and Paver Installation

Some aggregate products are often used underneath concrete pavers to create a setting bed for installation. Choosing this route is a more cost-effective solution for homeowners than installing stone or pavers on a concrete bed.

Other landscaping and hardscaping uses for stone aggregates include:

  • Foundations
  • Shed floors
  • French drains
  • Retaining wall drains
  • Roadside drains
  • Building site surface leveling
  • Bricklaying
  • Swimming pool installation

Stone Aggregate at Rock Products, Inc.

From building projects to drainage applications, stone aggregates can be used for a wide variety of projects to enhance the overall function and appeal of a space. At Rock Products, Inc., we aim to make it easy to access the stone you require for jobs of any size. Like all of our stone products, our selection of industrial stone aggregates is drawn from the best quarries throughout Pennsylvania to provide our customers with the highest level of quality. Our stone aggregates include:

  • Modified stone
  • ¾ in. clean stone
  • Coarse concrete sand
  • Bar sand

Those unsure which aggregate would best serve them can turn to our experienced team members. Located in West Deptford, New Jersey, we are happy to share our knowledge of the industry to help you select the correct building materials.

To better serve our clients, Rock Products, Inc. is pleased to offer landscapers, general contractors, and DIY homeowners freight services as a part of our products and services. Clients no longer need to hassle over transporting material to their job site. To learn more about the different uses of aggregate, as well as our selection of industrial stone aggregate, contact us today at Rock Products, Inc.

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