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With the right products on your side, you can turn an ordinary backyard into a luxurious-looking landscape. Whether you want to create a bold and beautiful entertainment area, unique wall decor piece, or outdoor fireplace or fire pit, Meshoppen Stone products are an excellent choice. Great for patios, walkways, and hardscapes, this reliable manufacturer will wow you and your visitors for years to come. At Rock Products, Inc., our mission is to give customers in NJ the products and services they need to achieve a professional look for their landscaping.

What Is Meshoppen Stone?

Meshoppen Stone is a premier supplier of Pennsylvania Bluestone/Flagstone. This manufacturer has been in business for over half a century and provides natural stone from company-owned and leased quarries, ensuring customers get high-quality products. With such a large inventory, Meshoppen Stone is capable of providing customers with the items they need to complete their dream projects. Their products come in several varieties and cut styles, each offering something special for landscapers and DIY homeowners.

Unique Features of Pennsylvania Bluestone/Flagstone

This locally sourced stone is a type of flat, sedimentary rock that is durable and elegant. While the stone showcases a high-quality, natural, and beautiful look, it also contains other benefits you may not notice immediately, such as versatile patterns. On top of that, Rock Products, Inc. helps you get the look you desire with a wide range of different tones and shades to match your space.

Even more impressive, PA Bluestone is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, and will hold its color over time. This attribute means that the look you fell in love with will stay with you for years. This durability is necessary for residents of NJ, where winters can be unforgiving.

Another advantage of PA Bluestone is its convenience with installation and maintenance. It requires no sealing when put in place, which saves homeowners and landscapers time and money. PA Bluestone is also very easy to clean — customers may simply use water and a scrub brush for general upkeep.

Our Meshoppen Stone Offerings

Meshoppen Stone comes in plenty of different sizes, shapes, and surface types, and Rock Products, Inc. has some of the best options available. Consider the following alternatives when shopping for stone:

Irregular Flagstone

This variety takes natural stone pieces and breaks them up into random and uneven shapes, offering a unique-looking design. While creating this stone is a meticulous process, the result is sure to set your space apart.

Pattern Flagstone

If you want a more structured look, consider using pattern flagstone. The pieces are pre-cut into basic shapes that you can rearrange into your chosen pattern to form a geometric design.

Natural Clef

This type of stone is split along the natural grain, creating an irregular, wavy surface. Natural clef stone gives you an exterior with bold characteristics that intensifies your outdoor space.

Thermal and Tumbled

This style is heated or tumbled to break off loose chips and then worn down to reduce irregularities. When the item gets to customers, the pieces are smooth and uniform, giving them a neat and stylish addition to their patio or yard.

Let Rock Products, Inc. Help with Your Landscape Design

Between our team of resourceful and friendly experts and the high-quality products we offer, it’s easy to see why Rock Products, Inc. has been a go-to supplier for hardscaping and landscaping services in NJ since 1995. We handpick all products based on their beautiful design and reliability to ensure clients achieve their goals with the most challenging projects.

Whether you are a landscaper or contractor fulfilling a client’s needs or a DIY homeowner looking to tackle a project on your own, we have products and the answers you need to get the job done right. We also offer Zeisloft hauling services with a fleet of flatbed trucks ready to get all of your items safely to their destination. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to request a quote for Meshoppen Stone.

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