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  • 15/12/2022
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What Is Hardscape?

If you want to improve the look of your property and complement other aspects of your landscape design, hardscape is essential. The right hardscape products can enhance your property through the installation of everything from patios and sidewalks to walls and benches.

Here we'll explore what exactly hardscape is and how you can integrate it into your landscape design with the help of Rock Products, Inc. We offer top-quality hardscape supplies for homeowners in and around Philadelphia, PA, and throughout the tri-state area.

What Is Hardscape in Landscape Design?

Hardscape is any type of artificial, inorganic installation in landscape design. There are many types of hardscaping projects that you can install on a property to complement softscape, which are the organic, natural horticultural components of a landscape. Hardscape consists of stone, wood, brick, or other materials, whereas softscape comprises grass, shrubs, trees, and other living flora.

A combination of hardscape and softscape can enhance the look of your landscape in many ways. At Rock Products, Inc., we offer a variety of hardscape products for any landscape project. We supply materials and kits for patios, walls, driveways, sidewalks, and other installations from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, including EP Henry hardscape pavers and walls and Meshoppen Stone. To help you install your new hardscape designs, we also offer a selection of installation tools and accessories.

Regardless of your needs when it comes to hardscaping, we'll help you find the ideal products to complete your next project.

Benefits of Hardscaping

Hardscape elements offer several benefits that make them worth installing for many commercial and residential properties. Specific benefits of hardscaping include the following:

Increased Curb Appeal

Hardscaping lends more beauty to your landscape design, with added textures and layers that work well with softscaping. These elements also add some depth to an otherwise flat landscape. Another appealing aspect of hardscaping is its permanence. Unlike softscape features that only last when the climate and weather conditions allow, hardscaping lasts all year.

Higher Resale Value

In addition to increased curb appeal, hardscaping can raise the resale value of your property. This is because it adds a combination of aesthetics, functionality, and increased usage of the area with walkways and other features. Many hardscaping installations also increase sustainability with the ability to terminate pests more easily and drain the property as needed. All of these aspects help increase the resale value of your property with the right hardscaping products.

Popular Landscape Design Apps for Trying Out Hardscaping Ideas

If you want to see how certain hardscape elements would look in a landscape design, there are plenty of desktop and mobile apps out there that you can use to visualize your landscape. Some of the many apps you can use include:


Available for both iOS and MacOS devices, iScape makes it easy to visualize your landscape design to see how hardscaping and softscaping will look. The unique feature you'll find with iScape is the ability to work together with other users on designs and share your designs. The premium version of this app comes with proposal tools and an augmented reality (AR) feature that visualizes 3D landscaping designs in real physical space.


The Houzz app is an option that works on iOS and Android devices. While it's known for its focus on interior design, this app also allows you to design exterior hardscaping and softscaping features. You can view designs for outdoor spaces such as decks and patios and determine which elements will work best for your landscape.

Garden Designer

Using Garden Designer, you can see how an outdoor gardening space would look with different plants and other softscaping features along with patios and other hardscaping elements. The app simplifies the design process with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature. This particular app requires a one-time purchase to use and is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Turn to Rock Products, Inc. for Reliable Hardscaping Services and Products

Hardscaping can greatly improve your landscape designs, making it ideal for many properties if you want to increase curb appeal, resale value, and functionality. However, you should know where to find the right products for your next project.

At Rock Products, Inc., we offer a wide range of top-quality hardscaping products based on your unique requirements. We lend our expertise and experience to each service and are eager to answer any questions you may have. In addition to some of the best hardscaping products on the market, we offer convenient freight service for customers who need heavy loads of supplies shipped to their location. We serve customers located in Philadelphia, PA, and the tri-state area.

To find out more about what we can do to help you turn your hardscaping vision into a reality, reach out to us and request a quote today.

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