Construction machinery unloading sand

How Are Sand Amounts Determined for a Project?

When preparing to complete a construction or landscaping project, it’s important to first acquire all the necessary supplies before beginning your task. Sand is a common building supply used for a variety of applications. While attaining the right type of sand for construction is important, knowing just how much you..

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Stone creek with fresh water flowing through

Achieving the Natural Look with Stone Dry Beds

Property owners with sloping land or land with low spots may encounter pooling when excess water flows through the area. One effective and natural solution is creating a dry creek bed. Here, Rock Products, Inc. explores this drainage solution further and details how you can achieve a dry creek bed..

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Beautiful retaining wall accounting for elevation change in property

Plotting Out Your Backyard with Hardscape Walls

A hardscape retaining wall can be an excellent way to enhance outdoor appeal or act as an effective solution to improve function. Whatever your reason for adding this landscape feature, it’s important to properly plan out this project to get the most out of your retaining wall. Here, Rock Products,..

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