If you want to seal or clean your polymer joint sand before the harsh winter weather hits New Jersey, trust Rock Products, Inc. as your go-to dealer of Alliance Gator polymeric sand cleaners and sealers. We carry a wide range of products, from Gator Efflorescence Cleaner to Gator Hybrid Seal Low Gloss. In addition and offer a comprehensive array of landscape and hardscape installation tools and accessories. Rock Products, Inc. provides all you need to turn your outdoor home space into the living area you’ve always dreamed of having.

Our Alliance Gator Polymeric Sand CleanersSmall stone tiles arranged in circular shape

Rock Products, Inc. provides the Alliance Gator Polymeric Sand Cleaners that protect your hardscape designs while adding longevity and value. Nearly all of these formulas can be used to clean concrete pavers, wet-cast products, and natural stone.

There are several formulas, each targeting specific unwanted blemishes and stains on your outdoor hardscape, enabling you to maintain your outdoor living spaces and hard-worked investments and keep them looking like new. These cleaners can remove the following elements:

No matter the type of blemish or dreg on your outdoor patio and living spaces, we have the right kind of Alliance Gator polymeric sand cleaner to return them to their initial glory.

Our Alliance Gator Polymeric Sand Sealers

At Rock Products, Inc., we carry the entire line of Alliance Gator polymeric sand sealers so you can seal or reseal your concrete pavers and natural stone works. This line includes:

Water-based Hybrids

Hybrids help reduce corrosion, soil penetration, harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, and vehicle oils and stains on concrete pavers. Choose from seals that provide a high or low gloss finish and are formulated with and without color enhancers.

Signature Series

The exclusive Signature Series is available for concrete pavers, walls, masonry, and a variety of natural stones. These sealants are water or silicone-based. Signature Series sealants help ward off rust, grease, and dulling effects of ultraviolet rays for up to 10 years.


Our solvent-based sealants are ideal for dry-cast pavers and are available in a low-gloss satin finish and high-gloss wet look. These work to keep away car grease, corrosion, and other stains. We also carry a solvent-based re-sealant that reactivates and rejuvenates the look of your pavers, protecting them from car grease, soil, UV fade, and corrosion.

Rely on Rock Products, Inc. for Cleaners and Sealants

The friendly expert team at Rock Products, Inc. has been providing high-quality landscaping and hardscaping tools and products in New Jersey since 1995. We stand behind all the brands and services we offer as Alliance Gator is one of the most reliable in the polymer sand cleaning and sealing business.

We’re dedicated to helping you realize your landscape and hardscape vision and making sure your outdoor and patio investments stand the test of time. We also offer a landscaping freight service that conveniently brings materials to builders and DIY homeowners. To learn about which Alliance Gator products are right for your landscape design, contact us today.


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