Beautiful retaining wall accounting for elevation change in property

Plotting Out Your Backyard with Hardscape Walls

A hardscape retaining wall can be an excellent way to enhance outdoor appeal or act as an effective solution to improve function. Whatever your reason for adding this landscape feature, it’s important to properly plan out this project to get the most out of your retaining wall. Here, Rock Products, Inc. discusses the various uses of hardscape walls in backyards and things you should take into consideration as you design your outdoor oasis.

What Is the Purpose of a Hardscape Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls can serve various purposes for a backyard. While aesthetics is always a factor, it’s not the primary driving force for adding one to a home’s exterior in every case.

These hardscape stone walls are often used to deliver extra support and prevent soil from moving downhill where there’s a steep change in a property’s elevation. Ultimately, its most basic function is fighting back against gravity.

Retaining walls can also help manage water runoff by slowing the flow of rainwater. Finally, retaining walls can also provide extra seating in an outdoor space. Once the landscape feature is complete, it may become a popular place to gather, depending on its location in your backyard.

Aspects to Consider With Hardscape Stone Walls  

Before you jump right into building your new backyard feature, you should first plan out this project. Planning beforehand can help you avoid common mistakes. As you begin plotting your new retaining wall build, things to be mindful of include:


Why do you want to add a hardscape retaining wall to your backyard? Purpose matters because it can impact the materials needed for the build. For instance, retaining walls that will primarily serve a functional purpose require stronger, longer-lasting materials. Hardscape retaining walls designed more for aesthetic purposes should focus on style, color, and design.

Regulations and Codes

Before embarking on any home improvement project, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with your county’s codes. Many states and localities require permits and you may be asked to submit building plans before you can begin constructing your retaining wall. Skipping this step can result in time-consuming holdups, including having to tear down a newly constructed wall and start over from scratch.

In addition, anytime you dig into your property, it’s a good idea to make sure there are no utilities directly below the area you plan to place your retaining wall. Hitting a gas line or puncturing an electric cable is a safety hazard and can lead to injuries, as well as property damage.

Placement and Size

While retaining walls may be functional, homeowners still want them to flow naturally with the overall dynamic of their backyards. Walls built to accommodate slopes must be placed properly to effectively stop erosion. Homeowners adding a retaining wall for aesthetic purposes have more freedom as to where they would like their new landscape feature.

Size is another crucial aspect of how well a retaining wall will flow with an existing backyard layout. Walls that are too big can overpower a yard, while walls that are too small can look out of place. To get the most out of their retaining walls, homeowners should consult with design professionals to determine the proper placement of their new features.

Materials for Hardscape Stone Walls at Rock Products, Inc.

Landscapers, contractors, and DIY homeowners who wish to add a hardscape retaining wall to their property will find all the necessary building supplies and materials at Rock Products, Inc. Located in West Deptford, New Jersey, it has been our privilege to provide residents throughout NJ with quality products and services since 1995.

To help make the building process easier for our clients, we are pleased to offer freight services. Have your building materials conveniently brought right to your job site with no hassle. Contact us today at Rock Products, Inc. to learn more about hardscape retaining walls and our other offerings to see the kinds of upgrades you can make to create your dream backyard.

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