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Common Mistakes When Building an Outdoor Fireplace

There is nothing quite like an outdoor stone fireplace. It’s an exterior home feature that provides so much versatility and can be used throughout the year. It’s also perfect for spring and summer parties, as well as warming up on chilly fall evenings. Outdoor fireplaces can elevate any backyard or patio, turning them into inviting spaces ideal for entertaining on any level.

Before you rush into building your new outdoor feature, you will first want to do a little planning. This will ensure you avoid common mistakes when building. Here, Rock Products, Inc. explains what to be aware of when planning your build and how you can get the most out of your backyard fire feature.

Picking Looks Over Function

We understand you want your newest backyard feature to look great, and you certainly don’t have to comprise aesthetics for function. However, many homeowners make the mistake of only considering looks when planning an outdoor fireplace build.

To get the most use out of your fireplace, first, consider your primary goals for building one. This step will provide you with a clear idea of which style is best for meeting your needs and wants. Instead of choosing the design that fits today’s trends or appears the most contemporary, select one that fits your lifestyle and personal tastes. This tends to be the better choice long term.

Failing to Consider the Flow of Traffic in Your Backyard

When planning your fireplace build, chances are one of the first things you thought about was placement. The location of your outdoor fireplace is going to affect how much use it gets.

When considering placement, also think about which areas of your backyard experience the most foot traffic. This is important because you want your outdoor fire feature to be close to the action but not too it may encounter more wear and tear quickly. For example, you don’t want it to be too close where it can be a hazard to children playing nearby, and you don’t want it in a corner of your property where it will be forgotten about. To avoid this, give some thought to how your yard is utilized to ensure the fireplace is installed in the ideal spot.

Not Providing the Fireplace with Enough Space

A key aspect of finding the right placement is choosing a section of the yard with ample space for the fireplace. Sufficient space helps protect your fireplace and everything around it. Try to imagine what could happen in an unlikely scenario. If your outdoor fireplace suddenly flared up, what would the flames be able to reach? If a strong gust of wind were to come out of nowhere, carrying sparks with it, would fire travel to trees or nearby brush?

Taking all this into account may sound excessive, but it will also create an added layer of safety. We recommend keeping your outdoor fire feature at least 10 ft. from your home and away from any overhangs in your yard.  

Not Using the Correct Foundation

With any fireplace comes inherent risks. Homeowners can reduce these risks by using the proper materials when building their backyard fireplaces, such as the appropriate foundation. To ensure the safest conditions, homeowners will want to start with a sturdy, non-flammable base or foundation, preferably one made of stone, gravel, or brick. Additionally, make sure that the base is level.

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