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How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Landscaping and hardscaping offer unique benefits that give your outdoor spaces a much-needed upgrade. From simple garden beds to outdoor kitchens with overhead pergolas, hardscape and landscape designs provide an easy way to let your creativity flourish. Whether contractor, landscaper, or homeowner looking to take on an exciting project, you can receive the products and services you need from Rock Products, Inc. in New Jersey. Learn more about landscaping expenses today.

The Benefits of Landscaping

From the soft breezes and fresh aromas to the general beauty of the surrounding nature, your yard has a lot to offer, but without a good-looking landscape design, you might miss out. Aside from the well-crafted designs and compliments that outdoor renovations bring, an improved outdoor space encourages you and your family to get outside more. Creating a beautiful patio area enables you to find your new favorite entertainment space, while an outdoor fire pit or fireplace in your backyard makes for a relaxing and romantic getaway that does not require you to pack any bags.

But, of course, these renovations are not only about the experiences. Great landscaping in your front yard adds curb appeal that will have the neighbors stopping by, while large and exciting hardscaping projects in the backyard may instantly raise the value of your home. These upgrades aren’t just for residential spaces, either. Businesses will have noticeably more foot traffic when they have a nice-looking property, so enhancements will quickly be worth the investment.

What Affects the Cost of Landscaping and Hardscaping?

Landscaping projects vary in cost depending on the area you live in and the year. However, there are multiple other factors at play that you should consider when planning your project:

  • Type of project:  If you add lighting or raised garden beds to your front yard, costs will be lower. However, more involved backyard endeavors, like full-length patios or outdoor kitchens with built-in fireplaces, will be more costly. 
  • Yard size: Naturally, you will spend more money on more extensive projects. Also, if you have a tight space, special equipment may be necessary to get the materials from a truck to their destination — which will be an added cost.
  • Equipment needed: In some cases, simple handwork is all a landscaping job requires. If the project calls for special tools, your bill will increase.
  • The current labor rate: Workers need a fair wage, which will fluctuate depending on the going rate.
  • Materials used: You have a lot of options when it comes to materials for hardscaping projects. Concrete patios will have a lower price tag, while a deck made from lumber will be noticeably higher.
  • Unforeseen challenges: Additional planning may be necessary for completion if your space features uncooperative terrain. Building a retaining wall keeps erosion from affecting your home, but also involves an architect or engineer, adding to the overall cost.
  • Time of year: Many people get excited about summer and plan projects in the spring, which is a busy time of year and may have higher costs. However, you may find slightly more affordable prices when planning during the slower winter months.

Landscaping Applications to Facilitate with Cost

Once you weigh the benefits of investing in a landscaping project and have a good idea of the cost, you can begin planning your design. Landscapers and homeowners alike may benefit from using popular landscape design apps to get started. Some apps to consider include:

  • iScape
  • Planter
  • PRO Landscape Home

Plan Your Project with Assistance from Rock Products, Inc.

If you are unsure of the best route for a landscaping project based on your space and budget, reach out to Rock Products, Inc. for guidance. We have nearly 30 years of experience and high-quality products and provide a wide range of services to make your dreams come true. From adding a paved patio or raised garden beds to constructing outdoor kitchens or installing fire pits, we can do it all. We even offer Zeisloft hauling services to get your materials on-site efficiently. Contact us today with questions or request a quote to get your dream project started.

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