Safe Stone Handling and Storage

Adding stone features to new or existing landscaping can improve the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. When working with landscaping stone as a contractor or a homeowner, it’s important to think through safety measures before starting on your project. Whether you’re applying aggregate stone to a walkway or adding building features to your garden, patio, or backyard, make sure you’re handling and storing stone materials safely with these insights from Rock Products, Inc.

Taking Care of Yourself, Your Equipment, and Your Materials

Taking steps to put safety first can help make your project go smoothly. Before getting started on your landscape or hardscape project, here are some safety measures to consider:

Clothing and Protective Equipment

Think through what your project entails and consider the types of protective equipment you may need, such as work gloves, safety goggles, and knee pads. Proper footwear is a must when working with stone. You should be sure to wear closed-toe shoes, and you may want to consider footwear with a reinforced toe, such as steel-toed boots. Landscapers working outside for an extended amount of time should also wear a hat and sunscreen to help prevent sunburn.

Heat Stress

Adding stone to landscaping or hardscaping can require working in the sun for many hours, which means that heat illness is a risk. When working outside, it’s important to drink plenty of water, take breaks, and move into a shady spot when possible. Remember three key words to help prevent heat stress: water, rest, and shade.

Proper Use of Tools and Implements

Make sure you are properly trained on the usage of any hand tools or power tools you may need for your stone landscaping project. Thoroughly read all operating instructions and safety data sheets. At the end of each day, clean and put away all your tools and materials. Leaving tools out in the yard can create trip hazards, and metal tools left exposed to the elements can rust and degrade.

Transportation and Storage

Loading and unloading heavy stone material can be a serious injury risk. You should not move stone without the proper protective equipment. In between work periods, be sure to secure your materials safely. For example, you may want to cover gravel or crushed stone piles with a tarp to protect them from the elements.

Careful transportation of stone is necessary to help prevent injuries and to preserve the quality of the materials. Fortunately, many stone suppliers offer reliable freight delivery services, making it easy to get the necessary supplies exactly where you need them.

If you’re a homeowner working on a DIY landscaping project, make sure to seek advice from a professional stone supplier. Consulting a professional can help ensure your project comes together safely.

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