Brighten Up Your Hardscape Project with Accessories

Are you ready to create your outdoor oasis? A hardscape design is a durable, convenient option that lets you enjoy your outdoor space from early spring to late autumn. But hardscaping isn’t just installing pavers or stacked stone. You’ll want to round out your design with hardscape accessories, too. Here, Rock Products, Inc. provides an overview of the hardscape accessories you can use to outfit your backyard, patio, or pool.

Personalize Your Design

As you map out your hardscape design, think through how you’ll be using the space. Do you enjoy spending the evenings outdoors with loved ones? Do you plan to entertain friends well into the fall? A few touches can make your home’s exterior stylish and functional. Some of the accessories you can add to your hardscape design include:

Lighting Fixtures

Don’t keep your guests in the dark. Lighting fixtures allow you to enjoy the outdoors well past sunset. Adding outdoor lighting to your front porch or patio also helps keep you safe by illuminating steps and walkways. If you think you’ll want lighting, it’s important to decide before you begin installing hardscape elements. It’s much more difficult to add lighting to a stone wall after it’s been fully constructed. If you’re not comfortable installing wiring yourself, consult a qualified contractor about adding hardscape lighting.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

 Outdoor fire pits have become increasingly popular as a way to extend the usability of an outdoor space during cooler months, and there are lots of options. If you’re interested in a DIY project, you can purchase a fire pit kit and assemble it yourself. If you want a grander look, you can add a built-in fireplace with a chimney to a patio wall. For those who are sensitive to smoke, there are plenty of “smokeless” fire pit options as well. While they don’t completely eliminate smoke, the design of these fire pits significantly reduces the smoky smell and ash produced by a warm, cozy fire.

Trim, Pigments, and Sealers

No hardscape design is complete without the finishing touches. Trim options like capstones, curbstones, and steps give your outdoor space a polished, professional look. And to make your hardscape elements last longer, you can use a paver sealer to help prevent erosion and cracking and to keep dirt, insects, and weeds from settling among paving stones. You can also enhance the visual interest of the space by adding pigment to the stones.

An investment in your landscaping is one you and your family can enjoy for years to come. The right design can add curb appeal and make it easy to get the most out of your outdoor space throughout the year.

Source Your Hardscape Accessories from Rock Products, Inc.

If you’re planning a hardscape project for your home, consult the professionals at Rock Products, Inc. Our clients across New Jersey are not just getting high-quality stone, pavers, and gravel. We also offer a large selection of hardscape accessories to complement an array of designs as well as installation tools to help projects go smoothly. Our qualified staff can help you choose the best products for your backyard or patio. To request a quote, contact us today.

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